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Back, finally!

Tom Blackwell

Blackwell revels in an expansive and unabashed summoning of ghosts of Americana past, while
lyrical preoccupations of love and loss are delivered with a colloquial wit.. His road-hardened
confidence and unmistakable soaring voice pull it together; "Wonderful heartfelt music" says
Bob Harris, click here for more.

Beware Beware

Psychadelic Folk, or Folkadelica if you like, we like, check 'em out click here.

Julian D'Angelo

Fresh from divining the true heir to the Lidl fortune, Julian D'Angelo, South Wales' Leading Psychic
Phemon returns to Prestwich for the first time since his tenure as Tommy Walsh's spiritual advisor
on Ground Force. A conduit to the Nether Regions for nearly twenty years, Julian D'Angelo brings
messages of comfort and solace from the great dark abyss of endless death in which your loved ones



Future La!
20th November

From 8pm, fiver in, crappest raffle in Europe since 2007.