Next: Friday 27th March

Les Malheureux

'Les Malheureux combines live literature with original music and projections to deliver a new take on
spoken word. Expansive emotions, sweeping plots and complex characters are distilled into micro-fictions
often no more than 300 words in length – some funny, some profound – and each is performed to
specially composed musical pieces against a backdrop of either slide show or PowerPoint presentation.
Stranger than fiction…

Icarus Williams


Holler folk musician, guttural yet pleasantly unpleasant with lots of variety.

Kelly J Roberts

'Ace comedienne.

Simon Widdowson

Coming over from France especially to do some Americana for us. Minneapolis Star Tribune said
'Musically his adept mingling of rock and roll, folk elements and catchy pop hooks result in tunes
remarkable for their depth and scope' .

Future La!
24th April

From 8pm, fiver in, crappest raffle in Europe since 2007.