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T.E. Yates & Band

An 8 piece band, very large. Born in Manchester and raised in Wigan, T.E. Yates is very much a
Lancashire musician and artist. Known as one of Manchester's more unusual performers,
Yates tends to wield his surreal drawings and paintings amongst a myriad of musical instruments.
Click ere for FB profilery n that.


Indi pop from newly qualified from B.I.M.mers, was an instrumenal 2 piece last time, now with
added vocals.

Phil Davies

A lone microphone and an acoustic guitar, the customary and unassuming set up of Phil Davies. Don't
let this fool you, he's a subversive, searching and brilliant raconteur. Click here for subversion.

Peter Slater

A whirlwind set from the hard man of comedy, who knows where he'll take us this time? Hopefully
maybe Nielly Diamond?


Future La!
Monthly on a Friday:

From 8pm, fiver in, crappest raffle in Europe since 2007.