Next: Friday 29th May

>> Gideon Conn <<

Shangri La! is proud to host Manchester's favourite young troubadour! The supremely talented musician
and artist finally graces our stage after a long time in us trying to get him, click here for info.

Peter Slater as Randolph Tempest

The professional thespian returns, click here for a Randy video.

Rod Shepherd

Rod Shepherd, Croydon’s second best conspiracy theorist and ex-cult leader is here to talk to you
about the murky world of ‘conspiracies theories’ and to feed you the truth! You’ve probably heard
of the JFK assassination, Roswell & alien autopsies, crop circles, 9:11, the Diana ‘accident’ and
global warming. Are you being brainwashed by your government? Of course you are, wake up,
you’re all slaves, being slowly starved by the system.
Don't be Frightened.
Don't be Scared.
Be petrified!

Future La!
24th July 2015 (not happening in June)

From 8pm, fiver in, crappest raffle in Europe since 2007.